Intelligent Systems and Early Warning Systems

SekizA Wireless Early Warning and Sensor System (KERUS) ensures that the user is informed in a timely manner so that appropriate measures can be taken against risks and threats, thus increasing situational awareness. Supporting intelligence gathering about unauthorized activities and movements, especially in harsh environmental conditions, KERUS system acts as a driving force in operational decision making with its speed, safety and accuracy levels.
KERUS consists of wireless, battery-powered sensors, Handheld Terminal and Gateway units that allow the user to customize the system according to operational needs. System sensors process physical data with their smart algorithms; and then sends the threat information either to a Handheld Terminal for mobile use cases, or to the central control unit via a Gateway for fixed use cases. KERUS sensors can be commanded and controlled in real time from anywhere in the world with a Handheld Terminal or Gateway.


Handheld Terminal


Technical Specifications
Configuration : Mobile (Military unit) (Flexible use)
: Fixed facility (Longer battery life)
Communication and
: Wireless LoRa (8km communication range)
: Channel selection capability (10 channel)
: Mobile (Military unit): Control via hand terminal
: Fixed facility: Communication through gateway (4G LTE, Ethernet) and control by computer
Sensing : Motion detection
: Wide detection area
: Long detection distance
: Adjustable detection sensitivity
Mounting : Mini tripod usage on the ground
: Easy mounting with tree mount
: Suitable for camouflage
Battery : Mobile (Military unit) (Flexible usage): 1 Month
: Fixed facility (longer battery life): 1 year
: Replaceable batteries
: Handheld Terminal with rechargeable battery
Environmental Properties : -20°C/ +60°C (MIL-STD-810)
: Operation up to 90% humidity
: IP65 sealing
Remote Use : Many devices and equipment can be triggered by the contacts on it